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All About Jewish Culture
Jewish individuals are known for their various unique celebrations. They have a different culture as opposed to Christians. Rabbis are teachers who officiate at various festivals. They are also teachers of the Jewish culture. The person who plans to become a rabbi should undertake various lessons and stay committed to teaching. The Jews are known for the collective community responsibilities that allow them to thrive. You will find that farms are owned collectively, and the people who work on such farms don’t receive a salary. They gain benefits in terms of housing, medical benefit and other amenities.
There are various celebrations that Jew undertake during different times. The common festival is Sabbath which is celebrated each Saturday. The family begins preparations during Friday evening, whereby various meals are prepared. The festivals are held in different months during a particular year. The new year is celebrated during the month of October. The other times the Jews will include the fasting period and pestilence where people atone for their sins. The harvest festival known as Hannukah is celebrated for eight days straight.
The festival and other celebrations mentioned in the Bible are celebrated by the Jews. During this period, they give thanks and prepare different types of food. The Rabbis, who are the teachers of the law, precede over these festivals. They also determine various laws in the Jewish culture that individuals should follow when in Synagogues and in their daily lives. There are religious academies that teach women and rabbis about the Jewish culture.
Jews are restricted on who they should marry once they reach a particular age. Marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew occurs outside the country. The roles of men and women are predefined with most Jews. There have been some strides to involve women in politics and other areas where men were known t take up such roles. When it comes to divorce the Judaism, the law directs on how it should be done and whether the man will forbid the woman to remarry.
Children are taken care of by the whole community, although the mother plays the key role. Boys are circumcised early when they are born. There is a various religious faction in the Jewish community. They are those who strictly follow through various Jewish laws. Some have deviated from the Jewish law and depend on the pillar that Muslims apply in their religion. The difference in various religious beliefs has caused some friction between people, but it doesn’t aggravate violence. It is crucial to understand that Jews mainly are directed by Torah, which is a religious book. The Jews only worship one God, and they pray five times a day.
The basis of Jewish culture mainly leans on the Old Testament in the Bible rather than the New Testament. Judaism origin has shown that there is various cultural significance on the people of Israel. The different festivals and laws that they follow have made the community thrive and become popular. Most Jews have involved themselves in medicine and nursing, with prominent institutions teaching science and health courses.

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