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Tips in Selecting a Loose Leaf Tea

Many people are tea lovers. But teas come in different kinds and each particular type offer a unique experience to drinkers. Loose leaf tea, for its part, is a leaf tea that does not come packaged. This means to say that they have a much original flavor due to not being subject to packaging conditions that could alter their taste and aroma. In order for you to be able to make a good pick of a loose leaf tea to buy, consider this short article from this point up to the last paragraphs.

Tips in Selecting a Loose Leaf Tea

1. Learn the Different Tea Types

Choosing a loose leaf tea is a critical task as there’s nothing more at stake than your daily tea brewing experience. To get a higher chance of doing it right, even for the first time, getting to know different tea types is a recommended step. By the time you learn of the various tea types, it is by then you can choose what is best. For instance, green teas refer to fresh tea leaves that go through minimal processing. Have you heard about white teas? Maybe yes or maybe not as this one is considered to be the rarest of all exotic teas in the world. There are also black teas which are on the other hand very popular among tea lovers.

2. Look into the Tea’s Looks

Some say that looks can be deceiving. But in the case of tea, it is often always the other way around. The truth of the matter is that in many ways you do have to check the physicality of the tea leaf in order to have an inkling of its real quality. Primarily, you have to consider the life size. Larger tea leaves usually give the better quality and flavor. The color too has a role to play. Dark green tea leaves are the ones that often bring a strong infusion while the paler leaves are those having lighter flavor. Also do note that broken tea leaves will give you a strong flavored cup of tea.

3. Be Guided by the Smell

Other than the looks of the tea leaf, another element to consider when trying to find and choose a quality loose leaf tea is the fragrance. Use the smell of the tea leaf in order to be guided in identifying a better loose leaf tea. Normally, tea leaves that come with a good scent will likely give you a well-tasting cup. In line wit that, pale tea leaves that do not have a scent will usually not be a good brew. Paleness of leaf color and lack of scent are usually the characteristics of a stale tea leaf.

Whether you have long been a loose leaf tea lover or someone who is interested in giving it a try, then it is advisable to give effort to your choosing. Make use of the three areas outlined above so that you can be better guided as you make the pick.

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